28 June 2015

Jiggety Joggety

Joggling Board, Hopsewee Plantation, SC 
I haven't added to my joggling board sightings recently so here are a couple of shots to start the morning. This joggling board is on the grounds of Hopsewee Plantation up the coast from Charleston on the way to Georgetown.

A joggling or jostling board is a long, pliable board that is supported on each end by wooden stands. The board is springy and a person sitting on it can easily bounce up and down. Sources differ on the origination; its usage in the Lowcountry of South Carolina around Charleston in the early 19th century is however rather well-documented. Traditionally, it is painted Charleston green. The joggling board's popularity has slowly been coming back, mostly as decorations on lawns and front porches.


Birdman said...

Are you trying to get me tired on a Sunday AM?

William Kendall said...

I've never heard of that before. The Spanish moss is quite a sight!