18 May 2015

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

South Battery, Charleston, SC
Zoom, zoom, zoom! Isn't this a cutie?!

I parked on the Battery and walked the lower peninsula yesterday morning. It was a glorious Charleston morning. The oleanders are in bloom and the sky was dramatic. I reached for my heavy camera and kicked myself when I discovered I had left the battery charging. I never do that! I always take one picture of either my office or my kitchen just to make sure everything is working - except yesterday. Grrrr.

Everything was so very fine that I took a few shots with my cell phone. I couldn't resist capturing that cute little car on South Battery. The other shot I took as usual but my phone took some freelance editing priviledges and turned it into what looks like a vintage postcard.

Interesting note - when I first came to Charleston, I rented the kitchen house behind the house in the top picture for a year. I did not have a car like that.

I am just back from a quick walk around the neighborhood to balance sitting on my butt in front of a computer half the day at work. I showed a couple of kids the step counter on my phone and they skipped along with me as far as they were allowed watching the numbers climb and then made me promise to circle the block to see how many steps I had added, and then again. I got my 10,000!