14 May 2015

Thursday Night

George St., Charleston, SC
The College of Charleston has such a pretty campus. On Mother's Day this is where graduation is held with the gentlemen wearing white suits and the ladies wearing white dresses and carrying red roses. Tradition.

I am loving the late light. I worked late this evening and still had time to march around the neighborhood before dark.

I've been watching Grace & Frankie a new Netflix series with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. I imagine it is designed to appeal to people of a "certain age" - their seventies. I am all for a drink now and then but these folks are swimming in it - booze, pot, peyote, cocaine. There isn't a single episode where they aren't slinging bottles around. They all look great, healthy and spry and they didn't get that way drinking and smoking for seventy years - or heck, they are actresses so maybe they did. 

I ran out of titles. Maybe I will start naming the posts after the night of the week. I am stumped.