31 May 2015

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Old Sheldon Church ruins, Yemassee, SC  
It is well worth the detour on the way back from Beaufort to see the Sheldon Church ruins - each and every time you go to Beaufort because they are that special. Built 1745-55, burned by the British army 1779, rebuilt 1826, burned by the Federal Army 1865. Now it is beautiful just as it is.

To Hell W Sherman, Sheldon Church, Yemasee, SC


  1. Quite a beautiful ruin!

  2. It really is. Such a peaceful spot it is hard to believe all that has happened there. It is still used for weddings.

  3. I'd like to catch the miscreants who think it's all right to etch words into 180-year-old bricks. No respect for history.

    1. It must be soft brick because there are inscriptions all over. It is sad.


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