01 May 2015

Bearly Blooming

Bearly Blooming, Charleston, SC 
Yes, that is a bear in the background and he lives in my yard. I love my bear! I found him guarding the door to an antique store in Walterboro and rescued him. I believe he began his life in an amusement part in West Virginia but he seems content hanging out in the lowcountry. I pity anyone who wanders in the dark into my backyard. Boo!

Busy week but I made it to my 5 p.m. matinee and saw the Age of Adaline and let the work week melt away as I sat in the theater with my kiddie pack of popcorn. Enjoy your weekend, kids!


  1. Quite a sculpture. One of my friends recommended Age of Adaline in her blog a few days back.

  2. My husband's nickname is Bear - so I live with one too! Mine mows the lawn, though. *wink*


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