28 May 2015

Artsy Parky

Marion Square, Charleston, SC
I should just put a certain amount of money aside each month for art. I see it, I love it, I'm just not ready to pay the money for original art but I should. I just isn't the way I buy things. Normally I find something I like, I revisit it a few times. I trust my instinct and go back and buy it. So often with art, it needs to be a spur of the moment purchase and sadly I'm not very good with that.

I try to walk through the Piccolo Spoleto art show at Marion Square each year. It makes me feel better about not buying tickets for all the other shows. I love art but I still have trouble handing over my credit card and buying original art. Shame on me.

This lady stood out as new this year and I liked her paintings. Maybe I will go back and hand over my credit card. Her name is Kay Lybrand and she lives on Pawley's Island. She likes to kayak and paint. I liked her and I liked her work and that sounds like a pretty good life to me. I hope she has a successful introduction to Spoleto Festival. If you see her you can ask her if she remembers some wacky blogger taking her picture.