28 May 2015

Artsy Parky

Marion Square, Charleston, SC
I should just put a certain amount of money aside each month for art. I see it, I love it, I'm just not ready to pay the money for original art but I should. I just isn't the way I buy things. Normally I find something I like, I revisit it a few times. I trust my instinct and go back and buy it. So often with art, it needs to be a spur of the moment purchase and sadly I'm not very good with that.

I try to walk through the Piccolo Spoleto art show at Marion Square each year. It makes me feel better about not buying tickets for all the other shows. I love art but I still have trouble handing over my credit card and buying original art. Shame on me.

This lady stood out as new this year and I liked her paintings. Maybe I will go back and hand over my credit card. Her name is Kay Lybrand and she lives on Pawley's Island. She likes to kayak and paint. I liked her and I liked her work and that sounds like a pretty good life to me. I hope she has a successful introduction to Spoleto Festival. If you see her you can ask her if she remembers some wacky blogger taking her picture.


William Kendall said...

I like her style. There are art exhibits done here in the summer in some parks as well.

Kate said...

Original art is the best, esp if it is someone you know! (PS. I will be posting and commenting sporadically for awhile; I need to take care of some medical issues first, which leaves me little time to blog.) Have a good week-end!

Charlestonjoan said...

It is and I would hope to support artists I like. Hope you are well taken care of and back to regular posting soon!