29 April 2015

The Holy City

Steeples, Charleston, SC 
Happy rainy Wednesday, kids! It's a dreary picture but it is a dreary day and raining this afternoon. I caught this scene with three church steeples from the window of the College of Charleston's Stern Center yesterday. Charleston's many steeples earned it the name Holy City.
Charleston - the Holy City: While the earliest settlers primarily came from England, they were followed by other immigrants including French, Scottish, Irish, Germans, and others. These many various ethnic groups brought with them numerous Protestant denominations, as well as Roman Catholicism and Judaism, which would later earn Charleston the nickname of the “Holy City,” for its long tolerance for religions of all types and its many historic churches.
We do indeed have a lot of churches and I hope I have taken pictures of almost all of them. They stand out even more noticeably because we have height restrictions for most construction on the peninsula. 


William Kendall said...

I think having that height construction can be a good thing. I know I often look at the downtown core here and wish they'd done the same thing instead of letting a glut of office towers block the view of Parliament Hill.

Catalyst said...

Nice photo, Joan.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Nice photo!