24 March 2015

Spring Tea Rooms

Old St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Charleston, S.C.
Southern Church Tea Rooms are a phenomena. No doubt about it. I go each year to confirm that.

I've been in the business of good people doing good things long enough in this town that it is like old home week. I know the gentleman parking cars, I know the hostess Ruthie in her colonial costume. I know the coconut cake is Mizz Arlene's special recipe. I know the server Richard. I know I am going to order chicken salad sandwiches on white bread and she-crab soup. I recognize and get hugs from someone at almost every table in the church hall. I know I will be back next year and I like it.

You have until April 5th to enjoy lunch at the historic church and you will see what I mean. See their website here.



Catalyst said...

That slab (and no other word is good enough) of cake is sinful! And in a church!

Charlestonjoan said...

In the past it was like a secret code, "Is Mizz Arlene in the kitchen?" Now they just put the coconut cake on the menu.

As I was leaving a fire truck pulled up for lunch.

William Kendall said...

That is a wonderful thing to have at a church!

Marcheline said...

Fab! Lovely church, too.