07 March 2015

Show me the money!

B & B Meat & Fish Market, Bamberg, S.C. 

Show me the money!

In this case it is cash bills from many exotic countries far, far from little Bamberg, S.C. The owner of B & B Meat & Fish Market said one person gave him a foreign bill, he pinned it up and a tradition was born. It makes me want to go through my old travel odds and ends to see what I have and keep it handy for the next time I happen to land in Bamberg.


William Kendall said...

Quite a collection of notes! I've got a few foreign coins here and there.

Pixel Peeper said...

Very cool - it looks like a wall full of art!

Jack said...

I like this. When I travel, I usually keep the leftover currency in an envelope and pull out the envelope the next time I am going back, so I have a little money to get me going until I find an ATM.