17 March 2015

Charleston's Leprechaun

Charleston's Leprechaun, Charleston, S.C. 
For twelve years this gentleman has popped his head in my office in early March to confirm that I need a Leprechaun appearance on St. Patrick's day. I think so, yes!

A woman once told Bob Jones that he looked like a Leprechaun so he decided to embrace it. He dresses the part, spreads some cheer around the hospital and then usually makes an appearance at a local school or retirement home. Thanks for the smiles!


  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    My neighbor used to do that, but he even dyed his beard green! (And once his Labrador Retriever.)

    1. Go with what you have I guess! This gentleman is perfect for it.

  2. He certainly looks the part!

  3. Awwww... that's sweet! I hope someone made him a loaf of soda bread and gave him a pint of green beer.

  4. He DOES look like a leprechaun.


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