04 February 2015

February - Heart Month

Go Red for Heart Disease
February is noted as Heart Month. Eat a healthy meal, get a bit of exercise to celebrate. I am a strong supporter of the American Heart Association because more than any other disease we know how to prevent many case of heart disease and research has led to complete recovery to healthy lives for so many people who have had heart disease. Too bad we aren't as lucky with so many other diseases. Stay healthy my friends.


  1. I, for one, have NOT been doing my best. A recent trip to the doc has made me realize that I must start getting fit again, or there won't be any more fun for me. So today, I start. Am going to aim for half an hour of light jogging on my workout trampoline each morning to warm myself up. After a couple of weeks then I'll add in some more "hearty" stuff - weights and yoga and what have you. Here's to heart health!

  2. Wonderful photo as well as great advise.

  3. Oh, I try. I walk and walk but it is hard to make myself go out when it gets so dark so early. I eat a scrappy salad for lunch every day, I didn't eat any candy/sweets through all of January. Seems you have to give one more thing up each year just to stay even. It is depressing.


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