17 January 2015

Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall, Charleston, S.C.
Forgive my absense. Besides having a couple of busy days, I had internet connection issues. A helpful Knology service repair person named Carla crawled around my attic and home in the dark and got me taken care of. As much as I dread calling for service (painful history with Comcast), they let me make an evening appointment after work and spent the time to make sure my problems were fixed. Thanks Knology!

Here is a quick tip for locals who haven't been to Drayton Hall recently. If you tell them at the gate that you have "liked" them on Facebook you can get in free. I know it's true because I think I was the first person this morning to claim my ticket and the gate girl had to figure it out. I'll be back later with more photos but it's a bright sunny day so let's get out and enjoy it!


William Kendall said...

Quite a beautiful building!

Jack said...

It looks like a great place. When I checked it on Google Maps, I saw that it is in the shadow of that new Boeing campus. What a contrast.