26 January 2015

Bowen's Island - call for photos

Bowen's Island, S.C.
Bowen's Island is a funky, seafood restaurant on the way to Folly Beach. I had to laugh reading the reviews on Yelp. Some people thought they had the best oysters they had ever tasted while others thought the food was greasy, servers rude and the place entirely and over rated. Everyone agreed the view was terrific, sunsets glorious and the place was a character spot - although they don't all mention what kind of character. This entry is a public service announcement to let you know that Evening Post Books is calling out for your photos of Bowen's Island. I didn't live here "way back then", so I am counting on you!

Do you have old photos taken at Bowen's Island, the venerable seafood restaurant between James Island and Folly Beach? Evening Post Books is in the process of publishing a history of the popular hangout written by beloved Lowcountry Author William P. Baldwin and wants YOUR photos! The book will also feature family photos recipes and many photographs in black and white and color, going all the way back to when Mary Bowen started it all in the 1950s. Contact the Evening Post Books at 843-958-7367 or Info@eveningpostbooks.com.


William Kendall said...

No one's ever going to agree on anything, particularly on social media. I like that mural.

Les said...

I only went there once. Loved the funky setting - the oysters, not so much. Sorry, but no photos.

Catalyst said...

I have never been there but I suspect I'd enjoy the bio/cookbook.

Marcheline said...

Trying to figure out why May showed up for what was, no doubt, her only sitting for a mural - her fifteen minutes of fame - dressed in her bath robe!