04 December 2014

Nursing School reunion - 75 years later

I was tickled to see this picture I took last Friday on the cover of West Of newspaper on the stands this week. These two ladies were nurses who graduated from the old St. Francis Hospital Nursing School class of 1939. Marilla Powell - 97 and Mary Mayo - 96, were best friends and the only two left from that class. They came back to the current hospital to have a little reunion lunch in the hospital cafeteria last Friday.

What stories these ladies had to tell. They rhymed off names of physicians that sounded very familiar and were probably grandfathers, fathers and uncles of some of our current doctors. They brought their white nurse's caps and wore their school pin on a chain. They talked of mixing their own saline and sterilizing their glass syringes. Dr. Cuddy stopped by to say hello and Marilla Powell offered to be his "sponge nurse" in surgery. You can read the story here: West Of


William Kendall said...

Well now that's a great to see for you!

Jack said...

It is easy to see why you are proud of this image. You did great! And, it is a good story.