26 December 2014

Going, going, almost gone

Colonial Lake, Charleston, S.C.
I imagine this scene will be completely different next year at this time. The Sergeant Jasper apartment building is scheduled to be demolished and the Colonial Lake area to be completely renovated. If those walls could talk, I bet they would tell some interesting tales!

I am at work today and set this to post. I am hoping to get a lot of work done on a quiet day. Y'all carry on eating leftovers and playing with your new toys.


  1. That's good news about the lake, it has needed some work for years now, or at the very least a good flushing.

  2. Well, as far as I can see even just removing that building will be an improvement. There's nothing so ugly or depressing as an apartment building. Hopefully the renovations will improve the view!

  3. It is a visual eye sore, so demolishing it will probably help things along.

  4. It's a nice tree but it must have been a bear to decorate.

  5. It is a bit unusual seeing that big block of a building and nothing else around.

    Hope the day at the work was productive and that you decided to skip out early.

  6. I know you often go to the Terrace Theater (Fridays?) Was there still a line for "The Interview?"


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