30 November 2014


Johns Island, S.C.
The directions included turning left at the church and continuing on the dirt road but the PIG sign took any doubt out of the next turn.

We drove past the wee little lowcountry cottage to the gathering area by the dock. I got there just as the pig was being lifted out of the pit for an appreciative audience. I felt fortunate to be invited to Josephine Humphreys and Tom Hutcheson's pig roast on Johns Island and to catch up with so many old and new friends. Besides the crispy roast pig and soup there were tables full of the most delicious pot luck dishes. I've been to this gathering before and each time I know that although I won't know most of the people there, they will each be fascinating in some way - writers, historians, photographers, tour guides, chefs etc. Tom and Jo have gathered the most interesting group of people in their piece of Johns Island heaven.

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William Kendall said...

That seems to be quite a to-do to attend!