11 October 2014

Running in the Hood

Avondale 5K, Charleston, S.C.
I am not a runner but I do have a habit of walking to runs and back. Surely that counts for something? I see the winner start, I watch the winner win, I walk through the murals behind the shops at Avondale, pick up the ingredients to make Holly Herrick's French Onion Soup at Harris Teeter and cram them in my back pack and I am home before the festivities end.The Avondale 5 K raised money for the Charles Webb Center.

Congratulations to the winners and participants!


  1. I am not a sport person at all, participating that is, but I photograph everything from rugby to motorbike races. Great shots.

  2. Good action shots!

    I'm an extensive walker, so 5K is no big deal for me to walk, but running is done in a different manner altogether.

  3. Back when I worked as a staff photographer at a newspaper, the Sports Editor asked for the start and finish of a 100 yard dash. Huh?
    He said "take a short cut." (He was kidding.)


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