13 October 2014

More Murals

Murals at Avondale, Charleston, S.C.
I especially like it when real greenery tumbles and grows over painted murals. I don't have much time this evening so I'm sharing a quick splash of color! In fact, some bloggers feature a Mural Monday theme so it all fits.

I attended the city planning report on the future of my part of town - West Ashley, this evening. West Ashley has been left out of the revitalization that has been going on the upper peninsula and Mount Pleasant. They showed lots of fancy dreams and hope for the Citadel Mall area, the Bees Ferry traffic circle and Sam Rittenburg Boulevard. If a quarter of it comes true I will be pleased!


  1. Quite intense stares in the original figures, and the greenery seems to suit the murals.

  2. Cool murals - very moooooving. I, too, live in a "forgotten" part of my town. The fancy improvements they made on Main St. don't reach down to where we live. That may be a blessing, though, because that also means no construction, no backhoes, no installation crews. We don't really need fancy metal lightposts anyway, I suppose. I would like sewers, though. I bet I've paid for a house with the money I've spent on our old cesspool system. Hope your town comes through with the planned goodies!

  3. There is some real artistry here.

    Good luck to West Ashley.

  4. I love the colours and the artistic work.


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