16 October 2014

Imaging that!

The power of the magnet!
I hosted a group of teenagers interested in careers in Imaging this evening. They got a glimpse of what the staff in MRI, X Ray, CT and Ultrasound do on a daily basis. A very patient lady let five groups of students see her baby on ultrasound.

Whenever it gets quiet in the MRI room I ask them to demonstrate the power of the magnet with a pair of scissor on a band just because I get such a kick out it. I learn something each time I do one of these career evenings. The staff in this area all seem to enjoy their jobs and each technologist thinks their equipment is the best. I suspect we sparked some career interest this evening. Thanks to the team in the Imaging Department at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital!

Future health care professionals from Ft. Dorchester High School

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William Kendall said...

It's a good behind the scenes look for them, and if it does spark interest in medicine for them, so much the better.