03 October 2014

How about a picture of the picture?

Hopsewee Plantation, Georgetown, S.C.
I was enjoying my tomato pie and tater salad in the Hopsewee Plantation Tea Room last weekend when I spotted the painting below on the wall. I'm not sure what year it was done but I walked around to the river side to try to get the view the artist had in mind when he/she painted it. I'd need to be on a boat to get the matching view but it is pretty close. They have changed the roof color and trimmed the azaleas but it has been beautifully maintained.
Hopsewee Plantation: The house, still a private residence, is a typical low country rice plantation dwelling of the early eighteenth century with four rooms opening into a wide center hall on each floor, a full brick cellar and attic rooms. The house has a lovely staircase and there is hand carved molding in each room and random width heart pine floors are almost one and one half inches thick. Constructed on a brick foundation which is covered by scored tabby, the house is built of black cypress, which probably accounts for the fact that it is basically the same house the Lynches built 40 years before the Revolutionary War. It is furnished in eighteenth and nineteenth century furniture.

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