07 September 2014

Swamp Color

Audubon Swamp Garden, Charleston, S.C.
There is always something blooming in the swamp. I hit the Audubon Swamp walk this morning, circled the lake and was heading into the woods when the skies opened and it started to pour. My thought is always, "protect the camera, protect the camera!" It has been a rolling thunder and spotty storm day but at least I got outside and stretched my legs.

Aren't these Little Guy Teardrop Campers the cutest things?! 
End your week with a smith: Be Happy
I've been watching the old Scottish series Monarch of the Glen. It ran from 2000 to 2005 so I have some fun ahead. There is such trash on regular tv it is nice to find a show to enjoy.
Cure a cold with a hot, roasted onion eaten at bedtime according to Dr. Chase's Receipt Book.


William Kendall said...

The vast difference in vegetation between your area and here is what ends up drawing my eye, Joan. Beautiful shots!

John Prince said...

Nice, Joan. The red flowers are Lycoris radiata, which bloom now -as ours are here too.

Charlestonjoan said...

Thanks John! I think I need some.

Charlestonjoan said...

Yep. Wild and different. I'm not in Canada anymore!