26 September 2014

Floating hearts for a cause

Charleston, S.C.
Each and every heart is fluttering in the breeze in honor or in memory of someone who has/had heart disease. Some of them even have a loved one's name tucked inside. I've had crafty volunteers sewing them to hang on one of the trees at the hospital raising money for the Lowcounty Heart Walk tomorrow morning. It looks so pretty I will have a hard time taking them down! Many thanks to all the sponsors and my model above, Amber Defago from the American Heart Association.

I believe that research into heart disease has certainly paid off. For the most part we know what we need to be doing to prevent heart disease and procedures have been developed to treat so many heart conditions. It's good to be on a successful team! Additional donations won't offend me at all: Lowcountry Heart Walk - Team Walk this Way.


William Kendall said...

I can see a lot of work going into that! It has a lovely effect.

Marcheline said...

How lovely! And the hearts are nice, too. 8-)

Pixel Peeper said...

What a cheerful picture, all those hearts hanging from the tree. And a good reminder for a serious cause.