13 September 2014

Elloree's Trash to Treasures Day

Elloree, S.C.
Twice a year little Elloree, S.C. throws a giant yard sale. Everyone in the community as well as the shopping area on Cleveland St. is invited to set up sidewalk tables and have a yard sale. There was outside music and a food vendor. Sadly a few of the established antique stores seem to be going out of business. The museum however has a new shop and was open for the event. A friend had left museum passes on his porch for us and we took advantage of them and explored the little historical museum before heading to Santee for lunch. It was a nice day trip.

Elloree, S.C.
Elloree Historical Museum
Elloree Historical Museum
Grabbing my free passes for the museum


William Kendall said...

I wouldn't mind stopping in the museum, but then I like museums in general, large or small.

Charlestonjoan said...

It is a nice little historic museum. Someone has put a lot of work into it.