24 September 2014

Darwin's Secret

Darwin's Secret, Avondale, Charleston, S.C.
The Darwin's Secret mural by Sean Williams has been one of my favorites tucked in behind the shops at Avondale. The back alley is a mural wonder world and one of my frequent shortcuts. Darwin doesn't look the same anymore because he has been defaced with random red spray paint and graffiti tags. Sad, isn't it? The original artwork was commissioned and listed as one of "100 Most Beloved Street Arts".

Apparently the vandal was clearly identified on security video and his identity is public. I am glad. I have always been disgusted by deliberate vandalism and the destruction of property. It is proper that someone has to face the music even if it is just that of public opinion and shame. Read the West Of article here. The original artist has already been promised donations to repair the damage. I might offer to chip in myself.


William Kendall said...

Sad indeed, but the mural as a whole has character.

Jack said...

I completely agree. Too often I see bloggers and commenters cooing about graffiti "art" that is unauthorized and defacing someone's property. I do like REAL street art done with permission and skill, like this. But my blood boils about lawless and talentless "look at me" scrawls. Hartford has one area (a skateboard park called "Heaven" that it has set aside for skateboarding and unlimited graffiti. I am fine with that, though I sure would not want to live or work next to it! Sorry that Darwin had met an unkind temporary fate.

Les said...

I do hope charges will be pressed against this self-centered vandal.

Charlestonjoan said...

I hope charges will be pressed as well. I try not to feature images of vandalism even when I am delighted with the actual graffiti. I feel like the original artist was the person who designed the building or the owner who painted it. I had my home spray painted when I lived in town. At least I could repaint. Some masonary buildings have never been painted and because of some thoughtless vandal will have to be painted forever after to cover the ugliness they put on it.