23 August 2014

On the road - Washington, D.C.

Korean War Memorial, Washington, D.C.
My welcome home wake up call is 105 degree heat index expected for today. I anticipate indoor activities and hope my ancient air conditioner hangs in there.

I am going to post one more travel blog before hitting the lowcountry scenes again. I finally had a chance to visit the Korean War Veteran's Memorial in Washington, DC on Thursday evening. I'd seen pictures of this scene and it is even more impressive in real life. Time for me to hit the books and learn more about the actual war.
Designed by Frank Gaylord and dedicated on July 27, 1995 by American President Bill Clinton and South Korean President Kim Young Sam, this memorial depicts 19 American soldiers making their way through the rough terrain of Korea.

Almost surreal in appearance, especially in the shadows of dusk, the lifelike statues stand about 7 feet tall (2m) and represent various branches of the armed forces including 14 Army personnel, 3 Marines, 1 member of the Navy, and 1 member of the Air Force. These detailed sculptures also represent an ethnic cross section of the American melting pot. Visitors will count 14 Caucasians, 3 African-Americas, 2 Hispanics, 1 Oriental, and 1 Native American soldier.

From certain angles, it's nearly impossible to see all 19 statues as 3 of them are in the trees, giving the appearance of troops emerging from Korea's vast wooded areas. Strategically planted juniper bushes represent the country's sometimes unforgiving terrain. The statues, made of stainless steel, wear authentic Korean War-era gear and the sculptor has given them motion by designing them to appear as if they're walking into the wind. They also seem to be talking with one another as they march into battle.



When I visited I felt as if they were real. Walking among them it was awesome.

Charlestonjoan said...

Dolly, I agree. It was very moving.

Kate said...

I've been lucky enough to have seen these sculptures on several visits and of all the war memorials, it is my favorite. It appears very realistic to me, which is why,I suppose that it affects me.

Catalyst said...

This would be ghostly at night.

William Kendall said...

Wow! It definitely has a ghostly feel to the monument as a whole. We have a memorial here for that war, but I find it rather ineffective. This one works much better.

Unknown said...

When we visited the memorials (lived in Springfield), I just was in awe and put my camera away. Sometimes it happens. Thank you so much for sharing these with us!