18 August 2014

My fifteen minutes of fame

Lowcountry Senior Sun

I was away on vacation when friends let me know I was featured on the cover of the Lowcountry Senior Sun's August issue. I didn't know until I came back and had one in hand that there was a very large picture of me on the front cover.

I can promise my friend and editor Torrey Monroe that people do read his newspaper because I've been hearing about it everywhere I go! For months I've been nominating candidates I thought were interesting to be featured and this time he sent write Brian Sherman to interview me. Thanks Torrey!


  1. Senior Sun? Are you a senior, Joan? I think you are ineligible!

    1. Yep. I count as an "active senior" now. Drat ;)

  2. You're just too cute for words and thankfully someone on the newspaper staff figured that out. Best cover photo EVER!

  3. Thanks to you, several years ago I was interviewed and drew some nice comments. You had "nominated" me and Torrey made it happen.

  4. Nice! Don't forget the little people on your march to fame! ;) Congratulations!


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