01 August 2014

Before & After - Colorful update

Magnolia Rd, Charleston, S.C.
Pink and purple! This is a recently revived shop on Magnolia Rd. I had noticed that it was painted and walked by to check it out. Interesting color choice, wouldn't you say? Wonder what they did with the Coca Cola sign?

In other news, I've been eating so many fresh peaches and cherries I hardly need anything else. They are so very good this year.

Note: I took off the comment restrictions. I'll see how long to it takes to get swarmed by spam comments. We shall see. I hate to have it on.


  1. Nice colours on the newly reopened shop.

    I have found spammers target older blogs. Put approval-level moderation on any comment for a post more than a month old.

  2. Well, I'm glad that it is back in business, but it might have looked better in the previous incarnation.

    I set my blog to prohibit anonymous comments and since I did that about a year ago I have had no more than five or six spam comments sneak through.

  3. Actually, I thought the first picture was the "before".... I liked the old building - with the Coke sign - better.

  4. I agree. An unfortunate renovation. I haven't told them yet.

  5. Good suggestion Jack. I will try that.

  6. I am not afraid of color, but I think the before was better.


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