17 July 2014

Thursday evening hodge podge

East Bay St., Charleston, S.C.
I am back from a birthday dinner for an good friend and former co-worker. It was good to find her just as full of grace and mischief as I remembered. 

Last summer may have been the summer of the hydrangea but this, this is the year of the crepe myrtle. They are glorious and the city is a garden. 

Al Jazeera America did a nice profile on our own Mayor Joe Riley. Click here to see how Charleston is  making history with our long serving mayor: America's Favorite Mayor.

Lisa Shimko's art is so colorful and fun! Check her web site and see what you think.

I slipped out at lunch today to attend the Charleston Regional Business Journal's Influential Women in Business awards luncheon. I had nominated one of my dedicated volunteers and she was selected for recognition. Made me very happy and proud!


Marcheline said...

I'm so excited... we planted a crepe myrtle last year, and it's leafing out beautifully... waiting to see if it flowers! It's supposed to be one of those hot pink numbers. So glad they managed to breed a strain that lasts through the NY winters! 8-)

William Kendall said...

I wonder if that's the same kind of tree that was blooming here in June....