27 July 2014

Doors of Charleston

Doors of Charleston, S.C.

When I come across something like this I am almost emotional. Seriously? Someone did this for ME!? Someone I don't even know gave me this gift. Thank you unknown artist.

This won't make it on the artsy Doors of Charleston poster but it is a perfect addition to my collection.

Stay cool kids. It's mighty hot out there. You can follow my walk this morning by the sweat trail.


William Kendall said...

Gumby's hiding out in all sorts of places these days, isn't he?

Marcheline said...

Hot here in NY too. Rained like crazy last night, wondering if it cooled things off at all or if I'm going to open the door and get hit in the face with a hot, damp towel. Love Gumby! I've got a mini Gumby and Pokey on my bookshelf. 8-)