21 June 2014

The little tree that could

South Windermere, Charleston, S.C.
I walked the green-way through to South Windermere this morning and always say hello this stubborn little tree growing out of the center of the post. How did this happen?

Why do I always feel like messing with my own yard at nine o'clock at night? I can't see what I'm doing. Who knows what I've done out there. I probably threw out all the plants and carefully watered the weeds.


  1. I remember seeing trees growing up on top of rocks, the roots snaking out towards soil. The resiliance of a plant is amazing.

    1. They really are. Give them a tiny crack and they are on their way, unless you want them to, of course.

  2. Can you take a closer photo please,so I can see what it is. My guess is that it is a native. Or an invasive species. Let's hope for the former.

  3. I started trimming a tree with my new chainsaw...too close to noon yesterday. Yikes. I stopped and waited until late, late afternoon and finished just as it was getting dark, MUCH cooler.


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