30 June 2014

Summer's floral gift to Charleston

Crepe Myrtle, Charleston, S.C.
It is suddenly Crepe Myrtle season! With their pink, white, purple blossoms, Charleston is dressed up in her festive summer wear. I have a little one that hasn't blossomed and I suspect it might be under too much shade. In my mind the blossoms are brilliant white. I hope I don't get a ticket from a passing horticulturalist for not having a Crepe Myrtle in the lowcountry. 

Okay, kids...I bought a new shredder on the way home so let's crank her up and have a shredding party!



William Kendall said...

They certainly are a gorgeous shade!

Jack said...

They work so nicely with the white buildings. A shredder? Time to simplify your record keeping?