27 May 2014

Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston - Ashley Avenue

Ashley Ave., Charleston, S.C.
I'm not the only one featuring tiny houses these days but Charleston does have a good share of them sprinkled between the mansions. I like the mix.

In other news - we have a new BBQ restaurant to try. Swig & Swill has their "Now Open" sign up on Savannah Highway next to the Glass Onion and even more importantly, walking distance to my house. I can pig out and waddle home.

Local celebrity Bill Murray crashes a lucky groom's Bachelor Party. I think it was at Oak Steakhouse.

Whew. Nothing warms things up more than a quick walk.


William Kendall said...

Boy is that small!

I'd heard about Bill Murray doing that!

Pixel Peeper said...

The Bill Murray story made the national news. I was so hoping he'd stop in his restaurant near St. Augustine when we had lunch there on the way home from Charleston. We had the wrong day...he had been there (and sang!) the Friday before.

The house is trying to hide behind that small tree!