22 May 2014

S.C. Governor's Volunteer Awards 2014

S.C. Governor's Volunteer Award winners, Columbia. S.C.
I escorted a couple of volunteers to the Governor's Mansion property this morning to join other volunteers being awarded the S. C. Governor's Award for Volunteering. What an impressive group!

Charleston was well represented by Bob & Norma Gebo from Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Alexis Violette from Roper Hospital and the Ninth Circuit Solicitor's Office Victim Impact Panel group.  


  1. What a lovely bunch of folks! I'd like to give a hug to both of those gentlemen at the bottom left of the first picture. Darlings!

  2. Splendid portrait shots, Joan!

  3. Thanks folks! Well deserved honor. I love writing nominations that get them recognition.

  4. Really wonderful group and they deserve the honor, thanks for sharing!
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