30 April 2014

My green heaven

Meditation Garden, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Charleston, S.C.
Ohhh....it is almost too beautiful. I've shared images of this garden before but I walk past it twice a day coming and going from work and today I reached for my pocket camera to capture these. I love the way the ivy is growing over the doorways. What a beautiful spot.

Thunder and rain! The worst of the storms were mid day and for some reason my afternoon volunteers weren't tempted to drive in to work. I can't say I blame them. :)


  1. Joan, are you sure you have not been out there spray painting everything green?

    1. Hahah....I had to check to see that I hadn't added saturation but it was pretty much exactly like this.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks William. Thanks for all your kind comments. Most of my comment come on Facebook these days so nice to get some here as well.

  3. Beautiful and serene.

  4. Wow! Talk about green. Beautiful!

  5. It feels like you could walk through the archway into another time...


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