08 April 2014

Long, lean and tall

502 King St., Charleston, S.C.

This is a long tall Sally of a building. Isn't it great? The first floor is currently the Rebekah Jacob Gallery which always has something interesting going on. It particularly stands out since there is a parking lot on the right.

Photographic Firepower of the Cuban Revolution | by Rebekah Jacob

Armed with their camera bags, a small group of revolutionaries had photographic firepower, documenting Cuba’s most dramatic period.  These photojournalists—Alberta Korda, Raúl Corralles, Osvaldo Salas and, his son, Roberto Salas—were Fidel Castro’s chosen ones, who not only photographed social changes, but who themselves inspired change.  In positions of trust, they were beside Castro and Che in the most ignited times, and with a click, created one second exposures that became iconic references to Cuba’s identity.