06 April 2014

Cooper River Bridge Run 2014

Cooper River Bridge Run, King St., Charleston, S.C.
I camped out at the run turn at King and Wentworth St. yesterday morning and tried my hand at sports photography. It gave me a whole new respect for that field of photography. Whew. These folks move fast. I caught the beginning of the run and then slipped back out of town before the traffic chaos. I hope everyone had a grand time!

More photos here.


  1. You nicely capture the essence of the sport. Good takes!

  2. Next, sports photographers will be taking pictures of tiny houses in Charleston...
    good job, Joan!

  3. Great photos - and having just walked down King Street last week made them even more interesting to me. I love the determination in the faces of the wheelchair bicyclists and the runners! You captured it well.

  4. Well done, Joan. I have taken numerous photos at races. It is hard keeping the runners in focus. A humbling experience, but you did a good job.


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