17 April 2014

Charleston's son does us proud

Charleston, S.C.
I record the Stephen Colbert show each night and it is one of my evening treats to watch the next day. I am going to miss it but can't help be proud that he will be taking over the Late Show after David Letterman retires. Go Colbert! I like him so much and am happy to see him so successful. I believe this is the house he grew up in right here in Charleston right across from the harbor wall. 


  1. It's a nice house!

    I will miss that persona he uses though.

  2. I am glad for him, but I will definitely miss the Colbert Show. We always watch the previous night's episode right after the evening news, it is a needed counterpoint.

    1. I will miss him. Sad but perhaps he felt like the character show had a limited life span.


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