18 March 2014

Swing with a view

Playground, Brittlebank Park, Charleston, S.C.
You could swing for hours here overlooking the Ashley River and for a few minutes I caught it without children on it. I helped build this playground many years ago with Dr. Rick Reed. It is a park partially designed so kids in wheelchairs can play along and it has elevated ramps for wheelchairs.

The playground looks like it is holding up pretty well. I didn't want to scare parents by taking pictures of the rest of the play area with the kiddies playing. Carry on children. Crazy camera lady has moved on.


  1. I've got a set of photos from this place taken in Oct. 89 with several very nice boats lying about on the grass, compliments of Hugo.

  2. It looks like an ideal location!

  3. Pretty place for swings, but I do wish they'd make public swings with the wide, straight board seats.... those "u-shaped" rubber things kill my hip bones!


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