23 March 2014

Colonial Lake Reflections

Colonial Lake, Charleston, S.C.
I've had a non-stop weekend and am trying to do a little cooking and cleaning in between activities since I invited a few of my volunteers for dinner tomorrow night after work. I made these mini chocolate cheesecakes and have my fingers crossed that they taste as good as they look.

I have many more photos to process and post but these are a few from yesterday morning. I parked close to Colonial Lake before the Walk for Water early in the morning and caught this action. What a pretty scene. I've been fascinated by reflections lately and this one was a gift.

Congratulations to Post & Courier for winning 93 state journalism awards at their annual banquet on Saturday night. Photographer Grace Beahm was named photographer of the year by the SC Press Association. I always enjoy seeing her work in the paper. Congrats to Andy Paras for Best Use of Twitter. Yay, Charleston! I get most of my news online but am an old style hold out and read the paper with my morning tea.

I enjoyed brunch with my son at Madra Rua this morning and then a walk on Folly Beach this afternoon. Time for a rest and cuppa tea. What a lovely weekend.