29 March 2014

Blogger Meet Up

Fratello's Tavern, North Charleston, S.C.
Friday nights are hopping in old North Charleston along the Park Circle neighborhood on East Montague. I've been there often for brunch on Sunday morning but it is a different story in the evening. It felt very vibrant and alive with activity even in last night's light drizzle.

Betina Miller from Thoughts from My Corner of the Couch and I go away back in blogging years and finally got to meet! Betina was in town with husband Dave to visit with family at today's bicycle races and we met up for the first time and enjoyed dinner at Fratello's Tavern. We started checking the wait time at each restaurant along the street and finally found the hostess at Fratellos so charming we couldn't resist. She got us started outside, loaned her jacket and then when it started to rain moved us back inside. We had a lovely evening and gossiped about all the other bloggers we'd met and the ones we haven't :)). Fun times. My sea bass was scrumptious!