04 February 2014

Someone loves their dog

Country Roads, S.C.
It seems like one of the benefits of living in the country should be that your dog can roam free but it could be dangerous if the pup happened to be hard of hearing and didn't hear a car also enjoying the roads less traveled. These folks loved their dog enough to put up a warning sign. Keep an eye out!


  1. Decades ago I saw a sign like that not far from our house, although I never caught sight of a dog.

  2. The dog we had when I was growing up, in the last year or two of her life she was largely deaf. She was hit by a car she never heard coming.

  3. William's comment is very sad, isn't it! It shows the wisdom of the sign, though an even wiser approach would be to install one of those invisible fences to keep the poor dog out of the street.

  4. 1. Dogs should not be roaming unfenced or off leash, whether they are deaf or not.

    2. I would be so tempted to post another sign just under that: WHAT?

  5. There's a story and a sweetness in that sign.


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