01 February 2014

Rainy Days

Cypress knees, Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.
I feel tricked. The reward for our chilly week was anticipating a lovely, warmer weekend. It is warmer but has been dreary and raining. I was in my car driving to town for a morning walk when I realized how ridiculous it was to walk in the rain and back tracked. Drat.

For readers not from the lowcountry, the buzz locally has been the on again, off again opening and closing of our bridges. They were closed of course during the ice storm. Everyone was so relieved to have them back open that it was an awful shock when huge sheets of ice started falling on traffic and crashing through windshields. We simply aren't used to this. Here are some of the pictures submitted to Channel 5.

Sean McCambridge came up with a quick site to answer the "Is the Cooper Bridge Closed?" question and had no idea how needed and popular it was going to be!

I had my annual hair salon visit today and had to deal with the usual friendly but awkward, "Who usually cuts your hair?" question. Hmmmm. Think of all the money I save by hacking away at my own bangs. I have a big gala event to attend this evening so let them have their way with me and am held together by half a can of hairspray. Don't touch my hair - you might cut yourself. ;)

Today is the last day to nominate a progressive, positive person to Read Charlies Most Progressive people recognition. It is a simple nomination form so if you have someone in mind, send it in today!
It's our third-annual “50 Most Progressive,” and we need your nominations for the 50 most forward-thinking people making a positive impact on the future of Charleston. Nominees can be anybody living in Charleston, in any profession (or not), of any age, race, gender, socioeconomic background...you get the point. If they are positively contributing to the growth of Charleston, we want to know about them! Nominate as many people as you would like. Nominations close 2/1/14. The final 50 will be revealed in the digital edition debut of CHARLIE: 50 Most Progressive this Spring, and celebrated at the third-annual public launch event shortly thereafter. Subscribe to CHARLIE (readcharlie.com/subscribe) to get the goods.


William Kendall said...

It's an odd combination: the picture has qualities of winter desolation (at least Southern winter desolation), and yet is quite lovely.

Marcheline said...

Oh, those are "knees"? Really? My husband and I always affectionately called them a "dick farm". 8-)