12 January 2014

Wait a minute Mr. Postman

Mail box, King St., Charleston, S.C.
 Mister Postman, look and see
(Oh yeah)
If there's a letter in your bag for me
(Please, Please Mister Postman)
Why's it takin' such a long time
(Why don't you check it and see one more time for me, you gotta)
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
(Mister Postman)
Mister Postman, look and see
(C'mon deliver the letter, the sooner the better)
Mister Postman
Remember when you cared about the mail coming? Now it only seems to be junk mail and bills.


Angelj052@gmail.com said...

Very true. Often my mail sits in my box for days....until I remember it.

William Kendall said...

I like the look of this box!

Lowandslow said...

I remember that one. The Marvellettes were a good "girl group" back in the day. (Am I showing my age?)


Paul said...

Yes. I do remember. I also remember that all of the mailboxes were conveniently located on the porch, within easy reach, not at the street. The mailman walked up and down each street, carrying his/her bag. We knew our mailman. His name was Mike. My parents gave him a Christmas present every year, a nice Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Mailbox inspiration!