21 January 2014

Open Faith, Open Hearts, Open Minds

Churchyard Steps, Charleston, S.C.
Hmmm.....a lot of churches use a similar saying but not too many include the "Open Faith" step. Guess what churchyard this came from?


  1. a total guess - Episcopal?

    Hey Joan, what's the weather down your way in February? We might be in your neck of the woods and are wondering.

    1. It is the Unitarian Church...not too many churches are tolerant of other faiths, that was a new one! I think the line is usually, "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors."

      We can still have a cold streak in February, It seems we have one last chilly spell before it starts to get nice in March but come, come anyway!

    2. :)

      can't be colder than up here in New York.

  2. No fair telling before I guessed! I clicked on the comments link to type "Unitarian"... but you beat me to it. My husband and I were married by a Unitarian officiant, because they respect everyone's spirituality. We wanted to write our own vows and ceremony, and he was willing to work with us on it until it was exactly what we wanted... a Scottish handfasting.

  3. I wouldn't have guessed. Interesting saying!


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