01 January 2014

Faded Glory

Camellia Garden, Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.
Slept in, walked in the drizzle at Magnolia Plantation, caught an afternoon movie on the way home and then an early bite to eat at the Green Goat with my son. If this first day of the year sets the standard I will be quite pleased with 2014.

I walked through the Camellia garden and found myself, as I often do, pointing my camera at my feet as much as the sky.

Back to real life tomorrow, kids. Yikes!


  1. I always love your camellia photos. It rained here, too - more than a drizzle. We had to walk inside the mall (ugh).

  2. Lovely photos.... what movie did you see?

  3. They do look like they've gone past their best before date... but of course spring and summer will bring new vibrancy to them.


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