10 January 2014

Concrete Thoughts

Hi! Charleston, S.C.
I haven't mentioned it lately but I can boast of one of the finest collections of sidewalk graffiti thanks to the sidewalks of Charleston, S.C. and it's creative inhabitants. Here is a teaser selection from my albums:


  1. This is the stuff you were posting when I first started reading your blog years ago... wow! I'd almost forgotten about it! You sort of progressed to mostly nature and buildings and events and places about town. Good to see some of the old local hand-drawn wisdom again. My excuse for not having any photos of drawings in cement is that my town rarely ever does sidewalk repair. I could probably take more pictures of people tripping over broken pavement and losing hubcaps in potholes. 8-)

  2. My audience changed and maybe I wore out the sidewalks. There isn't much good new work. A lot of the old stuff is gone as they replaced sidewalks with flagstone. I still keep my eye out though!

  3. Wow Wet Cement... that one seems to get a laugh out of me!


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