03 January 2014

A proper sit down

Bench at Magnolia Plantation Garden, Charleston, S.C.
I wandered briefly through the women's wear section at Dillards the other day to see if they might actually be giving away anything for free after the holidays. They weren't. There was another woman shopping and she had a little girl with her. I wasn't intentionally eavesdropping but couldn't help grinning when the tired toddler announced she was ready for a "proper sit down".  Someone has been listening to grandma talk! The expression sounded so cute coming from a little kid.

The photo is one of two tree benches at Magnolia Plantation. The cold tonight is going to put the finishing touches on a lot of the camellia blossoms. Stay warm, kids!


Marcheline said...

Good thing both those trees grow at the same rate, or it would be a slide! 8-)

Charlestonjoan said...

True! I hadn't thought of that!

William Kendall said...

That's unusual!