20 December 2013

Themed Trees

A Very Little Bookstore - Book Tree, Summerville, S.C.
Glove Tree!
New Babies!
What other cool theme trees am I missing?


  1. Love the top photo; I should have done the same thing here in my home since I've become a wee bit jaded about Christmas trees, decorations, etc. Still succumb, tho, since Christmas is Christmas, after all! PS. Enjoy the first day of winter!! This Saturday is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, marking our shortest daylight period and longest night of the year. Have a lovely week=end!

  2. Love these...especially the book tree! The glove tree is making me giggle for some reason. It looks a bit like a bunch of udders.

  3. A good take-off on the glove tree would be a condom tree... decorated with shiny balls! hee hee hee!


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