06 December 2013

Sweetgrass Baskets

Holiday Sweetgrass Baskets, Charleston, S.C.

Charleston is famous for sweetgrass baskets and I have a secret connection. My friend Sandra had a booth at the hospital's employee craft sale today. Whenever I need something special for a gift or wedding present I ask her to bring me something in the price range I can afford. They are not cheap but everyone in the lowcountry appreciates the value of a beautiful sweetgrass basket. The basket making method came from Africa with the slaves and is passed down in families to this day. 

Check out more images here.


  1. It does look like intricate work. I can see why that would make them end up expensive...

  2. Those are beautiful.

  3. Those are beautiful.

  4. All the baskets are beautiful and so very special.

  5. They really are. It is a talent passed down in families. They are ornate works of art.

  6. I really regret not buying a few of these baskets as a memento to our time we lived in South Carolina. They are pieces of art!

    Guess I'll just have to make a side trip to Charleston some day, huh?

  7. These are wonderful baskets.

  8. I bet they smell wonderful. I would buy one and put it near the fireplace, to get warm and fill the house with the scent of sweetgrass. If I had a fireplace.

    1. They do smell nice when they are new.


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