14 December 2013

Paying it forward

I've been hesitant to do any yard work after a second episode of bad poison ivy happened after simply raking leaves. Meanwhile, although I have a small lot, I have a lot of leaves!

I was in danger of having to dig my way out when two gentlemen swept in last weekend and cleaned me up. Wow. Look at all those leaves! I offered to pay them but they said that my friend Andre' had been good to them and they were happy to take care of me.

My turn to pay it forward and I had their good deed in mind when I left an envelope with some $ yesterday to help a lady who feared eviction from her apartment before her unemployment check came in. I hope it helped.

Thanks guys!


  1. How nice of the gentlement, and how nice of you!

  2. *Gentlemen!

    Slippery fingers...

  3. Very good of you and the gentlemen!

    It's been weeks since we've seen those bags of leaves here....

  4. Incredible, quite a mountain of leaves!
    Wonderful to hear about kind people out there who care about each other.

  5. I like your style, Joan! 8-)


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